Zach Sherman

I design and build digital tools and toys

I am a frontend engineer, and I want to spend my life building tools that expand our ability to think and create. I learn quickly and like wearing a bunch of different hats. I can help design, build, and user-test your frontend and have experience coordinating teams with wildly different backgrounds.

I believe that effective design emerges from understanding how your product fits into social systems— my diverse experiences have prepared me to build products for a world that extends far beyond Silicon Valley.

Used professionally: HTML/CSS/JS, React + Redux, NodeJS + Express, Git, Figma

[ the funkier version of this portfolio ]

Open Work Labs

Product Engineer (July - Nov 2019)

  • led design sprints– sketches, prototypes, and user-tests
  • built frontends with React + Redux
  • built backends with NodeJS, IPFS, and MongoDB
“I had a blast working with Zach! He brings great energy, healthy skepticism, a strong set of values, and an insane amount of talent. I have’t worked with many people that can pick up new skills and deploy them so quickly. From product strategy to dev ops, he’s able to make great things happen, fast.” - Thomas O’Brien

OWL website (code):

a screenshot of a website with a really cool owl logo

I am responsible for all the design and code for the OWL site, including the logo. I also contributed significantly to the copy. We wanted to capture our no-BS, playful attitudes and emphasize our belief in the power of open, transparent work. This site was crucial to establishing the OWL brand early in its existence.

Quasar (my commits):

Quasar is a NodeJS server that allows file or dag pinning to IPFS nodes via (ethereum) smart contract events, effectively using the ethereum blockchain as a permissions system for storage of files and objects. I wrote significant parts of the application logic, and was personally responsible for docs and deployment setup.

Personal Projects

(from 2019-20)

B.A. Thesis: Campeones de la WWW

screenshot of my thesis homepage - images of various pieces below the title

I analyze how early Latin American wielded playful mechanics of interaction and aesthetics to undermine neoliberal rational-choice narratives. I designed and built the website myself.